Orientation games can involve physical contact, but not to an extent where students feel uncomfortable

Stomper Teo gave his two cents' worth about how orientation camps should be carried out.
This is her entry for August's What Say You topic, Sexualised orientation games: What are your thoughts on this?
As an NTU staff working in the university for 6 years, I think the orientation camp organising committees should rethink what are the specific deliverables of the orientation week and also the purpose of an orientation camp. 
Orientation camps should and must involve social interaction between the new students. However, friendship should be built on mutual respect.
By including activities that are overly sexualised or insulting, it may actually do more harm then good. 
Team building games may involve some physical contact, however, not to an extent where the students feel uncomfortable. 
The orientation week should also introduce to new students the campus facilities and services available to them. 
It may also involve playing games that promote interaction with the professors or support staff in the school. 
Perhaps, the professor or staff that you interact with during orientation may become your mentor throughout your university life.
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