Aaron Kwok's GF's un-photoshopped bikini pictures surface -- and here's what netizens notice

Source: AsiaOne
Ever since she was revealed to be the girlfriend of "Heavenly King" Aaron Kwok, Moka Fang has been unable to escape the spotlight.
Recently, a set of un-Photoshopped pictures of the 27-year-old model have been widely shared on Chinese microblogging website Weibo and Chinese media websites.
The photos show Fang wearing bikinis while posing suggestively and pouting her lips.
However, eagle-eyed netizens have instead zeroed-in on her flabby belly and buttocks.
Kwok and Fang have been in the headlines ever since the surprise announcement of their relationship last week. The 50-year-old Kwok, who is known to be coy about his personal life, posted a photo of their hands clasped together in a car on his Weibo account.
But since the news emerged, Fang has been the subject of snide remarks from many netizens.
Fuel was added to the fire when Chinese police used Kwok's post to warn netizens about being distracted while driving.
The strong reaction prompted Fang to post a letter online, saying that she did not expect to be accused of having ulterior motives. She also thanked the veteran actor for his support and trust.
Kwok has also appeared to feel frustrated, telling reporters at an event that he did not understand why there had been such a negative reaction to his posts, and that he would no longer be commenting on his love life.
See the photos mentioned in the article in the gallery below.
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