Malaysian heartthrob denies acting in alleged sex video with another actor and female starlet

Malaysian heartthrob Ammar Alfian has denied his involvement in an alleged sex video with another local actor and starlet, reported BH Ahad.
The actor said his denial was not a cheap publicity stunt but he had to clear his name over recent gossip that cost him an acting job.
 "I was shocked when informed of the explicit video."I am disappointed that such gossip resulted in the producer not wanting to take the risk to offer me a role," he said.
Ammar, whose real name is Ammar Alfian Aziz Mohd Zakri, was referring to an alleged video showing a couple engaging in a threesome with another man, reports Malaysia Chronicle.
Ammar, 28, acknowledged that he may have made mistakes as a youth but said he had become more "rational with age". "People change and I do not want to be labelled as a bad boy forever," he added.

Starlet Atikah Suhaime, 24, also denied her link with the video, but said she was close to both Ammar and the man said to feature in the video.
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