Tom Cruise`s Ex-wife Katie Homes Flashes Butt Cheeks in Major Wardrobe Malfunction While Filming

Katie Holmes is known for her adventurous style, but this unusual look was for her new role.
The stunning 36-year-old actress has been given a movie makeover in order to represent her new character in the upcoming drama All We Had, but it's fair to say she didn't quite look like her usual self.
Wearing a super-short and figure-hugging denim mini dress, the star battled with its tiny hemline as she filmed a scene at a Walmart store in Queens, New York on Tuesday.

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Dressed in a way too short denim mini dress, Holmes had trouble keeping her hemline down throughout the day-long shoot.
At one point, Holmes was seen leaning over and accidentally showing off her, um, butt cheeks. Sorry, there's no other way around it!

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Almost! As she bent forward to look at some plants, Katie`s backside was almost on show 

Getting into character: The actress has immersed herself completely into the part #9

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After the scene

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