Millions of plastic balls were dumped in the waters of California. This is indeed marvelous!

We are all aware that humans from different parts of the world can't help but to throw wastes anywhere right? But what we didn't know is that every waste we throw will come back to us even worse than what you think!
Well, for your information, global warming is indeed causing a lot drastic changes in our environment. People claim that those countries that should be experiencing a rainy season, experienced drought instead! 
In California, global warming indeed had an alarming effect! The rivers and lakes in different parts of California are starting to lose water
The good thing is that the officials of the state thought of something that could really prevent the water loss. 
Dr. Brian White, a retired LADWP biologist claims that using shade balls will help prevent this drastic change from happening!
The shade balls will serve as a cover to protect the water. It will block the sun to prevent further evaporation! 
Let the whole world know about this story!
Via LasVirgenesMWD
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