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Student and mum catch neighbour masturbating in back alley


KUALA LUMPUR: A student taking a breather from mugging for her SPM examination had the fright of her life when a naked man was caught on camera masturbating in the back alley of her house.
The man was frightened off by the student’s mother.
She had opened the kitchen window and yelled at him.
The family’s closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras captured the man performing the lewd act.
“I was disgusted and at the same time, shocked. Why would you do that in public?” the student told The Star.
The student said she was relaxing in the living room at about 12.22am yesterday.
Her mother, who was in the kitchen, noticed some movement in the back alley.
The woman came into the living room and switched on the television which had access to the CCTV cameras and both were stunned to see the naked man behind their house.
The CCTV footage showed the man emerging in the nude from the bushes in the alley and inching his way to the kitchen window while fondling himself.
The man retreated back to the bush before returning to peep at the window once more.
“My mother ran into the kitchen and yelled at him. The man ran away,” said the student.
She said neighbours later identified the man as a resident in the area. The family lodged a police report at the Pandan Indah police station yesterday.
“The police sergeant told us that these kind of people are pretty dangerous because if he could be naked like that, it shows that he is already at that level of daring. If he had the chance to go inside the house, he probably would have,” said the student.
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