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Local actress Melody Low admits her 32D assets get in the way of crushing stereotypes

Tay Kee Yun
The New Paper
Tuesday, Oct 6, 2016

Two months ago, she drew eyeballs as the voluptuous female lead in Ah Boys To Men star Tosh Zhang's controversial music video Lingo Lingo, which was panned by netizens for portraying an unrealistic, glamorous lifestyle of Singaporeans.
Freelance actress-model and YouTube personality Melody Low, 22, has moved on from posing coolly in front of private jets and supercars to a bigger stage.
Low, who first found fame in the past year by acting in several skits on YouTube channel cheokboardstudios, is making the leap onto the big screen with a supporting role in new local Mandarin movie Lucky Boy.
In the family comedy, slated for release in the second quarter of next year, she plays Yu Mei, a sexpot and friend of the male and female protagonists, played respectively by Ah Boys To Men star Wang Weiliang and Hong Kong actress Venus Wong. Veteran local TV stars Chew Chor Meng and Chen Xiuhuan portray Wang's parents.
Low is unfazed by the "sexy" label - for now.

"At this point, I am open to any opportunity to act, so long as the storyline is good," she told The New Paper over the phone. "But yes, in the future, I hope to break out of this sex symbol stereotype. I don't want to be typecast. My dream would be to play an obedient girl next door. In real life, I'm quite different from the sexy image you see in photo shoots. Other than going to parties at night, I usually am too lazy to slap on make-up."
Sighing, she admitted that her 32D assets do get in the way of her aim to crush stereotypes.
"Somehow, people always equate sexy with slutty, which is so not true," she stressed.
However, seeing her in a meek, demure role will have to wait.
Low will also be starring in the sequel to local R21 erotic horror-thriller Lang Tong.
Released in March, Lang Tong revolves around a serial womaniser (William Lawandi) who meets his match in alluring Li Ling (Vivienne Tseng) and her younger sister Li Er (Angeline Yap). The film raised eyebrows as Yap bared it all for a few scenes.
While she declined to divulge details, Low said she is "one of the movie's two female lead actresses" and that it features "an entirely different cast as the first".
Lucky Boy director Boris Boo, whose film credits include 2010's Phua Chu Kang: The Movie and last year's Filial Party, said Low "aced her audition".
During yesterday's film commencement ceremony, the 39-year-old said he did not cast Low because of Lingo Lingo.
"Even before (the MV) came out, Melody was already quite famous online and on social media," he said. "We needed someone with a pretty face and someone who could pull off the character's 'bimbo' personality."
He said she even brought along "different sets of outfits", to portray the different ages of Yu Mei, as her character spans two decades, transforming from a 16-year-old to someone in her late 30s.
"She was very professional and came well-prepared, unlike many others who auditioned unsuccessfully," he added.
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