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Gempar!!! Kisah Sebenar Pernikahan Masyarakat Orang Asli Yang Mengejutkan Tanah Air...

Dream - Saturday, August 8th, 2015 and then, a moment that will never be forgotten Bayu Kumbara. His social media accounts, Facebook  congratulations married and happy. Yes, in the day that he was finally able to marry a woman who craved.

Women graduates heart idol Anthropology, University of Andalas, was named Jennifer Brocklehurst. Jennifer is a woman from Bridgewater, United Kingdom.

The page tilt.com, Jen, Jennifer close calls, write the story of their meeting. At that time, Jen, do vacation to Sumatra in January. In Sumetra Island holidays he met with Bayu. Slowly but surely, their love intertwined.

However, Jen said that there will be obstacles that it faces. Not the custom or language, but rather the cost of the wedding.

Therefore, Jen must bring parents into the field to watch his daughter.

To that end, Jen wrote his help in tilt.com page. He is targeting cost 2500 pounds (Rp. 52 million) for the cost of traveling parents from England to Indonesia. But, until marriage donations that go to the beautiful virgin was only 1,000 pounds ($. 21 million).

Even so, his second marriage was not halted. The two men were eventually married. In the photos uploaded in social media, Facebook, Bayu funny faces and beautiful Jen, expands. Congratulations !! ... (Ism) sumber
Jangan lupe tekan iklan2 yg ada dalam blog ini..
Cukup lah hanya sekali..Terima kasih..
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