“Terima Kasih Bang”- Mangsa Pukul Di Low Yat Bersyukur Sempat Diselamatkan

Disebalik pergaduhan yang terjadi di Plaza Low Yat baru-baru ni, syukur lah masih ada lagi manusia yang masih punyai belas kasihan antara sesama manusia. Seorang mekanik berbangsa Melayu yang menghadiri protes di tempat kejadian dengan hati kering menolong seorang lelaki cina yang ketika itu dibelasah oleh sekumpulan pemberontak. Sikap lelaki ni harus dipuji kerana mempunyai sifat murni menolong orang dalam kesusahan, tak kira bangsa atau agama. Kami respect sama abang J!

Lelaki ini pada mulanya datang untuk protes mengenai kejadian di Plaza Low Yat, tapi tak sangka tiba-tiba protes tersebut melarat hingga ke pergaduhan antara Melayu dan Cina. Ketika kejadian, J nampak seorang lelaki dipukul oleh sekumpulan pemberontak hingga lunyai. Tanpa fikir panjang, J dengan berani menolong mangsa yang dipukul tu. Mangsa yang dikenali sebagai Lim mengalami kecedaraan di kepala dan lebam seluruh badan.

A Malay mechanic who was at Plaza Low Yat Plaza fracas in Bukit Bintang here on Sunday, turned into the saviour of a Chinese man randomly attacked by rioters. The 32-year-old Malay man did whatever he could to shield the victim from the mob of some 100 people. In the midnight incident, the mechanic who only wanted to be identified as J, also carried the 29-year-old victim to safety after policemen managed to break the attack.

The New Straits Times went to the scene and saw J, whose shirt was covered in blood, staying put beside the victim and reasoning with several protesters who approached and taunted the badly injured man. J said he decided to help the victim, who was later identified as Lim Hoi Teh, 28, out of pity upon seeing the brutal assault. “When I saw him getting beaten furiously using helmets and other weapons, I knew that I had to do something. “He could not protect himself at all as the crowd was so big, before collapsing moments later. “If the attack was allowed to continue for much longer, I believe he could’ve been killed,” he said.

J said he went there to join a peaceful protest, but instead, it turned unruly. When asked on the blood on his shirt and face, J said it was Lim’s, which was transferred when he carried the victim onto a walkway not far from the street where Lim was lying unconscious. Lim suffered severe injuries, including two deep cuts on his forehead and bruises all over his body, in the attack.

Mangsa ketika itu tengah lepak minum dengan kawan-kawan di kedai berhampiran tempat kejadian.. Tiba-tiba datang satu kumpulan lelaki menyerang mereka.

The victim, who is a foreman, said he was having drinks with several friends at an eatery nearby when a group of men started attacking them. “I made a dash out of fear of my safety, but when I arrived here, there was a bigger group.” Lim also claimed that he lost his wallet during the assault.
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