Persediaan Qatar menjelang World Cup tahun 2022

Qatar’s preparations to host the World Cup Football Football in 2022. The Commission file Qatar To host the 2022 World Cup during the exhibition “Dubai Sport Accord ”

The world’s largest sports In the world, to disclose the details of the number of playgrounds in addition to The use of carbon-free technology for the first time in order to cool playgrounds and areas reserved For fans and training sites . It was unveiled today three New fields are characterized by a high level of quality and other venues will be developed entirely A :

North Stadium

Accommodate the number of 45120 spectators, is located in the north Qatar, on the edge of the Arabian Gulf . This stadium was designed in the form of sailboat inspired Of the maritime heritage of the region. And 10% of viewers who will attend to the stadium The north will reach it via the bridge of love between Bahrain and Qatar, which will be the longest bridge based Alone in the world .

Stadium Creek

45330 Stadium to accommodate the number of spectators, and is located in the north-east of Qatar . This stadium has been designed in the form of pearl shell, a design inspired by the environment Marine area where some of the spectators will be able to see the Gulf from their seats, while the Players will benefit from the presence of a flexible roof will provide shade on the ground Venue

Stadium Saliyah

Stadium to accommodate the number of 45 thousand spectators, and is located in the south of Qatar in the garden Including a center for activities and water sports facilities, shopping center and parks.

Revamp Ahmed Bin Ali (Al-Rayyan )

Coupling capacity to become the number of 44 740 seats Through the addition of seats in the upper layer of the stadium will be full outer part of the Pitch in the form of a giant screen to show the latest footage, game, commercials And other information about the tournament.

Stadium renovation Thani Bin Jassim (Al Gharafa )


Will Absorbed also double the number of 44 740 spectators through the addition of seats in the upper layer Of the pitch and the stadium will be the interface colored all countries that qualify for the World Cup Qatar In 2022, and symbolizes the friendship, tolerance and respect, note that the football enhances this Values.

Stade Tamim bin Hamad (House of Poetry)

Stade new global fragrance inspired by Qatari heritage afternoon, And a capacity of 65 thousand spectators In the form of a Bedouin tent (verse) and boasts a color Sadu.

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