NecroVisioN : Lost Company (2010 | ENG) - RELOADED


Genre: First-Person Shooter Publisher: 1C Company Developer: The Farm 51


Continuation of Polish game that puts mainly to rapid and dynamic action. Again, we must confront the demons of the mixing of human war.

NecroVision Lost Company is a continuation of the brutal and dynamic shooters, combining the realities of World War I, the dark horror. The authors refer to the classic genre, focusing primarily on fast and arcade fun. Both games were developed by Gliwice studio The Farm 51

The second part is actually NecroVision prequel, which tells about the events that took place before the well-known story of the original. You play as a German soldier who discovers that the people involved in the war and the dark forces, that is, zombies and demons. The hero has to face the hordes of enemies and get to know their destiny. It appears that it will be Necromancer - a powerful enemy known from the first NecroVision, telling of the adventures of Simon Buknera.

Developers have prepared several new attractions for lovers of well-known for fast action NecroVision. Above all, we get a new solo campaign, consisting of a total of 10 levels. On our way we meet 15 new heroes, and we use 6 weapons so far unavailable, which can be further improved. Diversification of the opportunity to guide a FT17 tank and plane Halberstadt CL.II. It is worth mentioning enriched combat system that takes into account outputting a combination of punches and spectacular finishes. As usual game is very fast and brutal.

In addition to the solo campaign is an important part of the fun NecroVision network. The Lost Company appears in a brand new game mode, or Gas Attack. Duels can now take place on three new maps. Choice is also available in a few interesting appearances (skins) form. Creators enriched visual setting of his work, adding a lot of modern effects and solutions, such as the effect of depth of field, better shadows and shader support new er


* 15 new characters
* 6 new weapons
* Variety of special weapon upgrades
* New drivable vehicles to use in the fight including the FT17 tank and Halberstadt CL.II airplane
* Several additional close combat techniques, spells and fatalities in single player
* New, unique multiplayer mode: Gas Attack
* 3 new maps and several new skins for multiplayer mode
* New visual effects like enhanced depth-of-field, soft shadows and new shaders with optimized renderer and data loading system




Code: NLC.2010-RELOADED.emwg89.part01.rar                NLC.2010-RELOADED.emwg89.part02.rar NLC.2010-RELOADED.emwg89.part03.rar NLC.2010-RELOADED.emwg89.part04.rar NLC.2010-RELOADED.emwg89.part05.rar NLC.2010-RELOADED.emwg89.part06.rar NLC.2010-RELOADED.emwg89.part07.rar NLC.2010-RELOADED.emwg89.part08.rar NLC.2010-RELOADED.emwg89.part09.rar NLC.2010-RELOADED.emwg89.part10.rar NLC.2010-RELOADED.emwg89.part11.rar NLC.2010-RELOADED.emwg89.part12.rar NLC.2010-RELOADED.emwg89.part13.rar NLC.2010-RELOADED.emwg89.part14.rar
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